Thursday, January 01, 2009

Top10 of The most crazy tanks of all times wars

1. T10 Sherman M4A2

2. Gasdynamic trawler "Progvev-T"

3. Schuman Armor slide 

4. Concrete Tank T-34

5.  An armored machine gun point of time the Finnish war Izhorskogo production plant. 
There are no mechanisms, engine, transmission and even tracks - off anything that might break! Ideal tank - simple as the joy of victory and secure as a piece of steel.

6. The Italian gun of the First World

7. The American TV-"we-come-to-you-with-peace"-8

8. American Mine Exploder T1E3M1 "Aunt Jemima"

9. Jumping tank

10. Indian behemoth LVTH6

11 (bonus). Soviet TR-26TS


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