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The Biggest Watch in the World

The oldest

The first mechanical clocks with the mechanism anchored were manufactured in China in 725 g. AD And Xing Liang and Lintszanem.

The oldest preserved in the world watches without the clock face are dated in 1386, or slightly before, and still continue to work. They are in the cathedral in Salisbury, England. In 1956, they restored. By the time they were over 498 years, served protikali citizens "and" a 500 million times.

Approximately to in 1335 Clock include WT Cathedral in Wales, United Kingdom. However, the man survived only their iron frame.

As in 1962 a copy was implemented semiugolnyh astronomical hours Giovanni de Doidi (1348 ... 1364).

The biggest clock

The largest in the world is astronomical clock in the cathedral of St. Peter, Beauvais, France, built in 1865 ... 1868 estimates. Consist of 90 thousand details of their height - 12.1 m, width-6.09 m, depth-2.7 m.

"Clock" Su-Sun built Kayfyne, China, in 1088 ... 1092 estimates. Had 20,3-ton bronze sphere armillyarnuyu to 1.52 tonnes of water. As in 1126 they moved to Beijing, installed on the tower height of 12.1 m, and is reported to history, they continued to work until in 1136

Clock size of 15.54 x 15.54 x 15.54 meters placed in the atrium and took in height 5 floors in the building "International garden plots" in Washington, USA. Controlled by computer, they go with an accuracy of 1 / 100 pp. Their weight-2 t. Highlights are 122 m neon tubes, for the installation of required 460 m where cable and wires. 12 light tubes at the base of machinery reported hours and minutes. Created sculptor John Seyferom, they also show time in the Sun zenith in 12 cities around the world.

The biggest Dial

The largest in the world Dial (diameter 21 m) from the flower hours set in the Rose Building "bidding" in the city of Hokkaido, Japan. Dial built Seiko company "for" company "and" Core Fudziso installed in June 1988, Length large arrows-8.5 m.

The largest in the world watches with 4 Dial posted on the premises of the company "Allen Bradlee" in Milwaukee, WI, USA. Each dial diameter of 12.28 m is, the length minute arrows - 6.09 m.

The biggest single-dial clock is octagonal clock "Beta" in Jersey, New Jersey, USA, with a diameter of 15.24 m and a length minute arrows 8.31 m. In 1989, they dismantled and moved from the building rekonstruiruemoy factory where they have been installed with in 1908 Plans to install them in new places.

Above all located hours from 4 Dial installed on the building "Williamsburg Savings Bank," in Brooklyn, New York, USA. They were at an altitude of 131 m.

Digital electronic clock with 2 Dial, rotating on the roof of a building "Teksas-bilding" in Fort Uerte, Texas, USA, are the size of 13.4 x 13.4 x 8.5 m.

The oldest pocket watch

The oldest clocks (portable chronometer) were made of iron around in 1504 Peter Genlaynom in Nuremberg, Germany.
The earliest watches

The first batch watch has been produced in in 1790 firm "Jacquet Droz and Lesho" in Geneva, Switzerland.

The biggest watches

"Clock" Suotch length 162 m, a diameter of 20 m, built by Thomas D. Feliu, were set 7 ... December 12, 1985 Building on the "Bank" in Madrid, Bilbao, Spain.

"The Clock" set by the Swiss pavilion at Expo 86 (May-October 1986) in Vancouver, Canada, weighed 35 tons and had a height of 24,3 m.

The biggest solar clock

The biggest solar clock "Samrat" Yangra have gnomona 27 m length and height of 36 m. They are built in in 1724 in Jaipur, India.

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