Thursday, March 15, 2007

Everybody have to carry knife, passport and camera

Always it is necessary to carry with itself: a knife, the passport and the camera. The knife is necessary, that redneckes have not take away the camera, and the passport - that cops have not take away a knife.

The knife should be such that redneckes were afraid it, and cops - are not.

The camera should be such to confuse colleagues-photographers phallic with a kind of its telephoto lens and to cause in cops associations with journalists.

The camera is necessary to make operative shooting redneckes which tried to take away it - for an identification because you have taken with yourselves a knife.

If old, iron and with a support - a knife it is possible to not take the camera.

If cops know you, the passport can be not taken. It either is not required, or will not help.

If redneckes you know, the knife can be not taken too. If they know, that you very abrupt or it is simply, the knife is not required, if know, that you a sucker - will not help.

If everyone know, that you the abrupt photographer, the camera it is possible to not take too. And so everyone know, that at you the status "guru" on a photosite and so on.

Here what great force - knowledge! It is possible to not drag with itself so much heavy and useless things.

Knife, certainly, the prioritiest subject as it has more than functions, than at the passport and photocamera, together taken. As at the camera and passports of function are partially duplicated: in the passport there is a photo, and the camera can sometimes replace the certificate of the press photographer.

At a knife and the camera, the truth, too is the general function, but good photographers it does not concern.



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