Thursday, February 08, 2007

Top ten famous robot video

1. Qrio – the all-dancing bipedal robot
See footage of four QRIOs performing a complicated dance routine, (Windows Media Player required) recorded in December 2003.

2. Roomba and Scooba – domestic robots
See videos of the Roomba Vacuuming Robot at work on the IRobot Corporation's web site (Macromedia Flash Player required). 3. The self-replicating robot

See footage of the self-replication process (courtesy of Hod Lipson at Cornell University - Windows Media Player required).

4. The spherical security guard
See an animation and images of the robot on the Rotundus AB web site (Quicktime required).

5. Aibo – the robotic pet
A short video, available from Sony's research and development lab in Paris, France (Windows Media Player required), shows an Aibo pup that has learnt to play with its toys and bark at another robot nearby.

6. Stanley – the autonomous car
See a video of Stanley at work here on the Stanford University web site (available in several formats)

7. Asimo – the first walking humanoid robot
See videos of Asimo running and delivering a tray of coffee on the Honda web site (Macromedia Flash Player required).

8. NASA's Mars rovers – labs on wheels
See a NASA animation showing how the rovers work (Quicktime required).

9. The tiniest remote-controlled robot
See videos of the tiny bot here here (courtesy of Dartmouth College, available in several formats).

10. The fly-eating robot

See videos of the fly-eating robot here on the researchers' web site (available in several formats).

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