Monday, February 25, 2008

The Tallest People in the World

Xishun, 56, is a herdsman who towers 7 feet, 9 inches (2.4 meters). He is listed as Earth's tallest man in the Guinness World Records and won fame in 2006 when his long arms saved a dolphin's life.

All Leonid Stadnyk wants is a quiet, simple and inconspicuous life. But the 33-year old Ukrainian is just too tall for that.

At a height of 2.53 metres (8 feet 4 inches), Stadnyk may be the world's tallest man, and he keeps on growing.

The tallest woman in Asia, Chinese Yao Defen (R), and her friend sit at the entrance of her home in Shu Cha in eastern China's Anhui province March 15, 2006. Yao is 34 years old and 2.36 metres tall. [Reuters]

Sandy Allen. On the set of the TV show “AM Buffalo” with the worlds tallest Woman, Sandy Allen. Yeah, don’t we just look like two normal chicks sitting around and talking!

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