Friday, November 03, 2006

Top ten Friday online games

After hard working week everybody wants to relax. There is a list of the best online games.

1) Battlefield 2
The best online shooter by far.

2) Guild Wars
Simply the best Free MMORPG today. Not quite as good as World of WarCraft game-play wise, but Guild Wars' lack of a subscription put its over the top in this category.

3) Half-Life 2 and Mods
Tops the original in nearly every way except Steam.

4) World of Warcraft
The best online game today that you have to pay for.

5) Half-Life 1 Universe (Counterstrike, DoD, TF, NS, and other mods)
The mod community continues to drive the popularity of this seemingly ancient first person shooter. Besides blockbusters like Counterstrike and Day of Defeat, popular mods like Natural Selection make Half-Life one of the greatest Internet games ever.

6) Diablo 2
Although this game looks ancient compared to some of its recent counterparts, the Diablo 2 community is still alive and well on

7) Unreal Tournament 2004
The best installment of this vaunted series thus far with tons of replay value, an extreme sports theme that really worked this time and the introduction of vehicles. Best of all, online game play is free.

8) Neverwinter Nights
You don't even have to like the original campaigns to enjoy countless hours of gaming bliss with NWN. Internet players are driving the value of this top RPG by making thousands of different modules for everybody to play. NWN also redefines the Online RPG genre by opening up the possibility of player-made MMORPGs.

9) BattleField 1942
Innovative online shooter that puts you right in the middle of World War II action with several other players acting either as enemies or allies. The ability to command a wide assortment of vehicles and act as one with other players puts this game near the top of the genre.

10) Sacred
Lacks the hardcore fan base of the Diablo series or even Dungeon siege but the developers continue to support this well-done retail online RPG with solid patches.



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