Sunday, October 29, 2006

Top 10 Haunting Halloween Cocktails

From Colleen Graham

A lot of what makes Halloween what it is is the creation of a spooky atmosphere and anything and everything involved in a party can be converted from mundane to eerie very easily. Cocktails are no different. These haunting drinks are great ghastly additions to the Halloween theme: some are black as night while others have mysterious creatures hiding in the depths, all are a lot of fun.

1) Black Martini
Black is the signature color for All Hallows Eve so why not make your Martini match the occasion? If black raspberry or blackberry flavors are not your thing, try a regular Vodka Martini made with Blavod (a black vodka).

2) Dracula's Kiss
Here's a highball straight from Dracula's lips to yours. The red and black layers recreate the frightening atmosphere of a castle deep in Transylvania. At the door of this fortress smooth flavors of black cherry cola greet you and are accented with sweet grenadine that surges from the depths of the concoction.

3) Devil's Punch
Devilishly delectable, Devil's Punch is an indulgence one can't afford to miss. You can easily convert this recipe into a serving size for your whole party by keeping the ratios and serving it in a punch bowl.

4) Black Cat
Notoriously if a Black Cat crosses your path you had best be prepared for some bad things to come your way. Not so here. This hauntingly pleasing cocktail will have you looking around every corner in pursuit of the Black Cat and its cranberry-cherry cola flavors.

5) Ghostbuster
Boo! There's a ghost in your drink! Sure to be the hit of the party, this cocktail has a white ghost (Irish cream) floating inside an ectoplasmic mix of peach and melon liqueurs. It's fun and tasty, what more could one ask for?

6) Corpse Reviver
This cocktail is sure to wake the dead. The stunning combination of apple brandy and regular brandy with a hint of sweet vermouth make an excellent compliment to any spooky scene.

7) Vampire
Typically vampires are not to be messed with but in this instance you will be lured into submission. The blend of black raspberry and cranberry flavors are just as captivating as Dracula himself.

8) Zombie
You will be a Zombie if you have had one too many of these cocktails. The potent potable in question is a high-powered mix of three rums, the killer being a shot of high-proof rum. Masking all this intensity are some sweet flavors that can deceive you into drinking more than you should. Proceed with caution!

9) Swamp Water Surprise
Mysteries are hidden in the murky depths of this spooky cocktail. While it may not be the prettiest looking drink at the party it will turn some heads, just hope it's not Exorcist style.

10) Frog in a Blender
If you want a drink with unknown objects floating in it, here it is. Blending the ingredients for only a few seconds creates the look of a horrifying witch's brew complete with pieces and parts of green swamp creatures.



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