Friday, September 29, 2006

Story about very good sales manager

Was one sales manager. He has gone to get a job. Whether long shortly the resume dispatched, and has somehow come to one office on interview with the general director. Also there was at them an interview six hours. Already both director became wet, and the manager asked three times of water. And all in any way they cannot agree.
They began with two hundred dollars a month - and already for two and a half kilodollar and percent, and bonuses, and any else there sports halls, mobile communications, dinners, elevating, insurances, holiday argue, both, travellers, the machine service, noutbuk, the manager to itself has beaten out a heap of everyone. The general director has surrendered as a result, all conditions has executed. Everything, that the manager asked - has given.
The manager has started work, and for the first month has tripled sales, then ten times, then a hundred times, then in general all in office has sold, including furniture, stationery, the secretary - to dawgs in a pub, a database of clients to competitors, and the chief  to the tax police.
Because he was, damned, very good sales manager!



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