Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Top 10 Reasons Why a Healthy Person Is a Successful Person

Most people agree that good health is an essential ingredient for a good life. Now you can take that to the next level. By putting your health first and respecting your needs,your business will benefit. Here's why:

1. Exercise tames tension.
The number-one tension tamer is exercise. It releases endorphins, which shut down your body's stress response. You cannot control the moods of your boss or your customers, but you can control your response to them. With exercise, you are more relaxed and are able to anticipate rather than merely react to issues.

2. You have energy to burn.
Your day goes smoothly when you are in good physical condition. You will catch your bus, ferry, train and still have energy to gain that big account.

3. Prevent major illnesses.
By focusing on preventative care now, you save yourself grief and higher costs on your business health insurance later. For example, the focus of nutrition has moved from the issues of deficiencies toward chronic disease (cardiovascular disease, cancer and diabetes) prevention and health maintenance throughout all phases of life.

4. You enjoy a positive outlook on life.
Looking at the brighter side of things makes you 50% less likely to have a heart attack than your pessimistic competitors.

5. You eat to live-- not live to eat.
Instead of inhaling 1 or 2 big meals a day, you spread food across many meals. By developing nutritional awareness and paying attention to what your body is telling you, you savor your food as you savor life.

6. You decide when to drink not the circumstances.
You do not need alcohol to network or to loosen-up at functions. You are already light.

7. Water fuels your life's processes.
It is difficult to imbibe in too much water. At a minimum, you need 8 glasses a day. Water is essential for life. Have a bottle of water at your desk, in your car and take it with you as you commute to remind you to drink, drink, drink.

8. You are simply, irresistibly attractive as work is only one part of your life.
You have a life outside of your business. People, relationships and interests enhance and add richness to your work.

9. Experience virtually no stress.
You experience few stress-related symptoms (headaches, digestive problems, backaches) and are more effective at work because you have your boundaries established and honored. A stress-free business life is your gain.

10. You are a model.
Especially if you are a coach, you are a model for your clients. When discussing personal integrity and a healthy lifestyle, you are your number one client. Do it for you - be a model for them.



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