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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The magic world of advertising

The advertisement maker has told, how they shooted a roller of "Some" juice about the hedgehog.
Under the script the hedgehog should run up to an apple and at him to sniff.
Have got a hedgehog, have brought in studio. That, is clear a stub, was curtailed by a ball and lays. They already also persuaded him, and this apple enticed... The Zero on weight. The beast lays having curtailed, sometimes puts out a nose - and it is there and then turned off back.
Plagued they so some days, have then called to the familiar naturalist.
He speaks them: " Blow on him and will be unwrapped ". All right, have taken a hair drier, began to blow in a hedgehog - and the truth, is unwrapped and quickly escapes somewhere under furniture.
Began to run for a hedgehog, to direct to him by a hair drier. Expel him on an apple - the hedgehog bypasses it with disgust (unless it is not spat) and further runs.
Again call to the naturalist. That has heard and has burst out laughing: " the stub Is clear, hedgehogs in the nature do not eat apples. They eat meat. Smear to him this apple with forcemeat, whether that. To guzzle not begins, but though will become interested. " Have smeared - the hedgehog began to be late, at an apple to sniff. Bingo!!!
And here the final moment - final shootings of a roller. In one corner
Rooms the girl heat up a hair drier, in other someone drives on an apple a piece of crude meat. " Attention! The motor! " The girl on all fours runs for a hedgehog and blows to him in a bum a hair drier. A hedgehog, it is silent матерясь in the language, will get away from her, trying to be hammered under a case. She drives him on an apple.
Running by an apple, the hedgehog is late for a second and tries to lick off from it a slice of forcemeat. " It is shooted!" And in the TV all so is touching... (not mine)

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